Common CNC Machinery Malfunctions

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machines can best be described as complex, reliable and highly durable. However, as they age, they start to develop complications. As such, attention to detail is a requirement when troubleshooting and repairing.

To fix the malfunctions, a great understanding of the working of the various components is a must. We discuss three most common CNC machine problems experienced.

Programming Errors
Improper programming is a common problem prevalent with the newest employees and results to undesired cutting issues. Due to scanty expertise, the new members of staff will face challenges tracing the source of the problem let alone correcting it.

Many a time, the problem doesn’t even require overthinking as most developers may be tempted to imagine. Besides, it may not be the incompetence of the machine either. Although one may tend to take it for granted, a reboot of the CNC machine and restarting the process usually solves the malfunction.

Also, as you may well know, the most integral part of the CNC machine is the controller. If you note any errors, before anything else, check the controller parameters and any vital signs.

New employee training on the use of set G Codes and M Codes for cutting is all that is needed to prevent programming-related CNC machine malfunctions.

Poor or Lack of Maintenance
When using CNC machines, most issues you run into are under your control. As such, you need to make maintenance regular.  Overheating is a major problem that results from lack of or improper maintenance.

Make sure you unclog the filters and AC units of the dirt and debris that cause internal overheating. Be sure to wipe off the cutting fluids and metal shavings frequently to prevent the contamination of the machine.

Improper Tools/Improper Settings
Check the machine for burns, scratches or distortions on the edges and corners of the finished material. Marks on the end product indicate three things: slow feed speed, blunt tools, improper tool positioning and insufficient coolant or lube.Fixing this problem is simple as it will most likely require you to adjust the cutting tool, replace the blunt tool or lubricate.

If you need more information on precision machining or special equipment manufacturing, contact the team at Iridium Manufacturing today.

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