CNC Machining - A Promising Career Path?

An estimated 56,000 jobs for CNC Machining technicians will hit the market over the next seven years.

This swell of open positions comes during a time of increased activity in the American manufacturing industry. Manufacturing is America’s largest sector of economy, producing more than $6.2 trillion of gross output in 2015. This makes it a solid source of economic growth for the country.

And now, with CNC machining, the output is increasing with quicker, more efficient production.

What is CNC Machining?

Gone are the days of manual machines. Many manufacturing tasks are now performed by Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Machining. These tasks are carried out by computerized devices. This means that rather than working in a gritty factory environment, CNC Machining technicians are now combining their skills of mechanical design, mathematics and programming to operate the machines. Skilled technicians are capable of transforming materials into working parts for advanced industries.

Why is CNC Machining Important?

Not only does CNC Machining increase the efficiency of production, but it results in cost savings for the consumer as well. This has attracted the attention of hobbyists and military groups alike. CNC Machining has benefited the economy and manufacturing sector by:

• Carrying out a wider variety of tasks – with increased accuracy.

• Improving productivity with a more automated control.

• Being faster, safer, and more efficient.

• Manufacturing each component exactly the same.

• Running continuously 24 hours a day.

Choosing a Career in CNC Machining

CNC Machining technicians are in a fulfilling career that allows them to transform all sorts of materials, from plastics to metals, into manufactured goods. Technicians learn how to operate the machinery and employ their skills to take products from a conceptual design to a constructed item. As a technology-driven position, choosing a career as a CNC Machining technician can be a very exciting and rewarding career choice in an industry sector with proven growth.

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